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Anti-White, Pro-Marxism Diversity Training

Anti-White, Pro-Marxism Diversity Training The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

On April 30th, Tyler Hummel at The College Fix published an expose of a diversity and inclusion training students and faculty at The University of Florida are being required to take in which white people in particular are singled out for their insensitive and condescending remarks to minorities.

All the usual fare is there in the screenshots. Straight white men are scorned. Cultural appropriation is frowned upon. Mansplaining and whitesplaining are shamed. Intersectionality enjoys an elevated position of sacrosanctity.

Critical theory makes every interaction, no matter how mundane and innocuous, exciting and dramatic. No longer are conversations about jewelry and festive parties allowed to be just that. Now they are part of the overarching oppressor versus oppressed narrative. 

At the heart of it all is not a desire to lift hurting people into the light and deliver them from their chains. Rather, in diversity trainings like the one shown in this piece from Hummel, new chains are fashioned.

As bad or worse than telling hurting people that their legitimate grievances are of no account or merit is telling manipulative and oversensitive people that their illegitimate grievances are the stuff Marxist revolutions are made of.

Eat the rich is the big idea here. And if you refuse to jump on the bandwagon, you will be singled out for special attention.

Raise that black power fist high and repeat after the woke mob: “Black lives matter.”

But of course evangelical Christian leaders should believe that black lives matter. But that wasn’t actually the question. The question was whether we are prepared to forgo capitalism and the free market, or else redistribute wealth.

Yes, material wealth is in play here. But before we get to divvying out everyone else’s fair share of your bank account, the social, political, and spiritual capital needs to be redistributed.

“Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

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