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If China Deliberately Unleashed COVID

If China Deliberately Unleashed COVID The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

What if China did intentionally manipulate and then release COVID-19?

Reporting from Ryan Saavedra at The Daily Wire today – Biden Admin: ‘We Haven’t Ruled Out’ Possibility That Pandemic From China Was Deliberately Unleashed.

They will surely circle back on that one.

Of course the anti-nationalist, anti-national self-interest, political and governing establishment – which resents and utterly loathes the American Republic for its inequity and claims to objective truth and goodness – is thinking long and hard about how consistent it wants to be here.

But if China strategically hoisted COVID on the world to pursue its own national self-interest, then a state of war exists whether recognized or not.

If over half a million American men, women, and children lost their lives due to the pandemic, and if China deliberately caused said pandemic to take us down a notch while they rise to their aspired heights, why would it be so hard for Biden’s administration – so tough-talking when it comes to American Republicans – to commit to reprisals against China?

And if President Biden is thinking long and hard about whether we would rightly call the spade a shovel here and get to digging trenches with it already, that is not a shocker. But it is nevertheless tragic.

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