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America Drifting Ever Closer Toward Totalitarianism

America Drifting Ever Closer Toward Totalitarianism The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

The idiots need to be told what to do says the arrogant rich man brought on as a guest by Joe Scarborough. “You don’t have a choice.” But of course not. And I suppose you do, Mr. Hubristic Know-it-all.

But let us all celebrate our fearless leaders in the Senate sub-committee voting this week that our daughters must sign up for selective service – also known as “the draft.” Here is that much vaunted “equality” we have heard so much about. This individualist is not having it, particularly where his own daughter is concerned. 

If we cannot say that America has become totalitarian just yet, we must be close. 

Whether renewed discussion of whether to impose lockdowns and mask mandates produces one result or the other, the underlying premise is the same. You and I get to do what the centralized authority explicitly permits, and nothing more. We have rights only so far as they are granted by our government, and nothing more. That is what totalitarians believe.

For our part, we need to study diligently where the line is, and be ready to hold it. 

Christian Individualism

Though many may say – wrongly, I would add – that individualism is just another word for selfishness, it is actually collectivism which creates the ideal growing conditions for the worst and most pernicious kind of selfishness. When all our life choices must be filtered and strained through the collectivist rubric, nothing whatsoever about our lives is sacred. For that matter, neither is anything about the lives of those around us.

In a totalitarian society, there is no God either to fear or to love. And while the wicked may celebrate being free from the constraints of the Lord of the universe, they will not celebrate long. 

Horror vacui – nature abhors a vacuum. And in the absence of the Lord God Almighty, one strong man (or woman) after another will strive to sit on his throne and fill his shoes. We may all be made in God’s image, but we are very poor substitutes for him, especially when we have no knowledge or fear of him or his ways.

In a totalitarian state, you have no right to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind. Nor are you truly free to love your neighbor as you love yourself. You are free only to love the state as a representative and embodiment of all your neighbors. Pay your taxes and obey uncritically. That is the whole duty of man.

Fortunately, the laws of the universe which God instituted in eternity past will not sleep forever. Indeed, they are not sleeping now. There will come a reckoning for this folly, and we ought to pray that it comes swiftly if there will not be repentance and renewal first.

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