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Flying Dinosaurs and What Counts As Imposing

Flying Dinosaurs and What Counts As Imposing The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

In #227 – ‘Preparing Our Children to Defend Against Atheism,’ I answered a question from JP Chavez regarding two kinds of atheism, and which we as Christian parents should focus more on equipping our children to defend against.

This attracted interest from some atheists, who are of course always welcome to comment so long as they leave their scoffing and mocking at the door.

Dovetailing off our last episode, then, let us read some comments left by listeners and respond to them a bit more fully.

Note how quickly questions of authority come into the discussion, and what is thought a satisfactory answer or rebuttal to the truth claims of Christianity.

The kinds of comments left thus far on the last episode are the whole of atheism – condescending, and ridiculing and oversimplifications, strawmen, and aspersions.

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