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And This Is Why We Got Married, Had Children, and Go To Church

And This Is Why We Got Married, Had Children, and Go To Church The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

We are two weeks into this new year, and I am now on days off from my new job which promises half the weeks of the year free to myself and my family. My attention turns once again to plans which were shelved for a time while more pressing and immediate concerns were settled.

Among these plans which were shelved but are now being dusted off, it is time to write the next book. But the follow-up to ‘And This Is Why We Homeschool’ goes back to something I realized while writing the homeschooling book. There is something of a necessary, or at very least very useful precondition for educating our children at home. In order to do this thing, we need a healthy view of marriage.

Work begins straight away outlining ‘And This Is Why We Got Married.’ And stay tuned for more on that as I flesh out the substance of each section and chapter.

The Importance of ‘Why’

Lord willing, this next book will be finished before this year is through, and you will hear all about it. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast if you have not yet to get updates as we go, and to hear the announcement when the new book is published.

Before I get started on this new work, however, the why of writing this book needs to be defined. And that begins with recapping what the purpose of the previous book was.

Put in the simplest terms I can manage, the purpose of this new book and the last is closely related to where our society is at right now, and where my children – particularly my boys – are in terms of maturation and development.

Quite frankly, I wish someone would have given me the books when I was a teenager which I am now writing and have a mind to write. And realizing that I wish as much, there is no reason for me to not write such books so they can be given to my own sons and daughter – to instruct, encourage, and equip them for the years and decades ahead, so their lives can be as full and rich and fruitful as possible.

Being fully persuaded that it is right for me to feel this way, and to act accordingly, I go forward boldly and enthusiastically, trusting that I love God and my family and my neighbor better as a result.

The Objective World and the Narrative World

As a final aside for this episode, I want to leave you with some moving commentary by Jordan Peterson from Season 4, Episode 8 of his podcast with Jonathan Pageau.

While discussing the concept of the conscience in the context of the Christian narrative last February, Peterson got choked up trying to explain how he feels compelled to believe in Christ despite himself.

If you have some time, the conversation between these two deserves a listen and some consideration.

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