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Concerning Hate Speech and Twitter Suspending the Babylon Bee

Concerning Hate Speech and Twitter Suspending the Babylon Bee The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Not the Bee reported Sunday on Twitter suspending The Babylon Bee for supposed hate speech, and we need to talk about that.

In case you haven’t heard, the infraction is tied to the satirical news site declaring transgendered person Rachel Levine their “Man of the Year” in response to USA Today naming the Biden administration appointee their “Woman of the Year.”

Once again we see how the Left calls “hate speech” that kind of talk which they hate. And when they can’t rebut the logic and irony, they resort to cancellation, silencing, diatribes, and ostracization. 

Yet how can it be hateful to say that a biological male is a man? And what is a woman these days anyway?

It feels more and more as though what is really at issue is that there is such a thing as women. The real “War on Women” is not Republicans and conservatives – not synonymous, it should be noted – endeavoring to protect unborn children from state-sanctioned and subsidized slaughter, but perhaps is the Left insisting that womanhood is an arbitrary social construct which they are going to do us the kindness of deconstructing into oblivion.

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