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Senator Blackburn Asking for the Definition of a Woman is Relevant

Senator Blackburn Asking for the Definition of a Woman is Relevant The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

After getting home from taking my wife – who is definitely a woman, by the way – out for dinner at Nordy’s in Loveland, I clicked on a notification Facebook had sent me about a post from someone I know. The post was a meme of a doctor holding up a newborn baby with the following captions.

Mother: “Is it a boy or a girl?”

Doctor: “I have no idea. I’m not a biologist.”

Having seen this meme a few times in recent days, I chuckled again as I have the other times I’ve seen it. And mine was a grim chuckle because a part of me really wants to shake my head and cry.

How did we get here? A nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States of America is asked by a United States Senator for all the world to see whether she can define what a woman is, and the nominee laughs and pleads ignorance.

Meanwhile, the headline run in a thousand variations by the Leftist press is that the real scandal here is not that a candidate for the highest court in the land just punted on what differentiates approximately half our population from the other half. No, the thing we are supposed to be outraged about is the fact that a Republican Senator asked a Democrat nominee to define what a woman is.

Racism is the only possible explanation. Republicans are terrified of a strong black woman – whatever that is now absurdly up for debate.

It’s not enough that they insult our intelligence. They can’t pass up an opportunity to smear conservatives as bigots in every sense.

Just pull the fire alarm next time and clear the building. It’ll be a mercy compared with this.

But let’s do be serious for a moment, and I’ll tell you what I really think.

This whole business about us being confused on the difference between boys and girls is of a piece with the eugenics movement that sprang up in the West a century ago. And that for its part was just a shapeshifting of the mentality white slaveowners in the Antebellum South embraced toward selective breeding of their black African slaves.

Hitler and the Nazis took this Utopian vision to macabre lengths and scaled it up, and that gave the whole affair a well-deserved black eye in the marketplace of ideas. So eugenicists in America changed their tactics. 

Instead of campaigning more or less openly about purging the germplasm of society through compulsory sterilization and abortion and euthanasia, they poured their time and money into Planned Parenthood and the legalization of first contraceptives and then abortion. Then they did all in their power to infuse their wacky ideas about people just being clever animals into our education system for a hundred years.

They eroded family ties across the nation, encouraged young people to fool around, and marketed family planning because it resulted in the termination of gene pools they deemed undesirable.

Now billboards are going up in Salem, Oregon telling people who drive down I-5 to straight up stop having children. And the serious men in lab coats shrug and censor us when our women cease normal menstruation after getting the compulsory COVID vaccine. And major corporations threaten boycotts of entire states if laws are passed in them to protect 5-year-olds from being systematically confused about whether they are boys or girls.

The little guy from Kindergarten Cop had it right back in 1990. “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.” Only you can’t say that anymore because some boys are encouraged to become eunuchs and dress in drag, and anyone who objects on the grounds of mental and spiritual health is a hateful bigot.

It really does come back to there being no new thing under the sun, and it really is of a piece with increasing efforts to normalize pedophilia. Never mind that Ketanji Brown Jackson has been exceedingly light in sentencing child rapists and those caught in possession of kiddie porn. 

Shut up already or we’ll call you a racist again.

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