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How Personality Tests Relate to Kevin DeYoung Making The Case for Having Kids

How Personality Tests Relate to Kevin DeYoung Making The Case for Having Kids The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

In ‘Rising Fuel Prices Spark Mass Protests in More Than 90 Countries,’ by Michael Whittaker, The Daily Wire, October 19, we learn that a third of the countries in which street protests about fuel occurred in 2022 no demonstrations of that kind in occurred 2021. Another interesting takeaway is that the United States ranked 13 in a survey of the 44 mostly developed nations in terms of high year-over-year inflation in Q1 2022.

What is driving inflation, you may ask? I’m reading ‘The Creature of Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin, and it is giving me a much clearer answer to that question than I’ve ever had previously. In short, though we will say more about this in future episodes, the issue comes down to the printing of money out of thin air as a hidden tax.

Speaking of manipulation, control, enslavement, and global governance, Ryan Saavedra at The Daily Wire published a piece this morning titled ‘TikTok Responds To Explosive Report Alleging Plans To Track Locations Of Specific Americans.’ Forbes Magazine reported on how TikTok’s Chinese parent company is planning to use the app to track the location of specific Americans.

As we all know, contradiction is the most persuasive kind of argumentation; thus, TikTok “disproved” Forbes’ reporting by saying that it “continues to lack both rigor and journalistic integrity,” and “they do not collect the GPS locations from U.S. users.” So there you have it. You heard them. They don’t do that. TikTok is totally safe, and you have nothing to fear from the spread of Global Communism.

Do you feel better? I know I do!

But JP Chavez asks whether there is a benefit to Christians taking personality tests like the MBTI. And my answer to that, in part, is why wouldn’t there be? Yet some, like my cousin Tim Mullet over at The Bible Bashed Podcast, now affiliated with Protestia, believe there is an answer to that question, like in his latest episode ‘What Should Christians Think about Personality Tests,’ published to YouTube two days ago.

Tim says our choice is between following Christ and repenting of our sins on the one hand, or taking personality tests to try to justify our sins on the other. But this is a total non-sequitur, in my view. With the kind of reasoning on display here, one could plug literally anything they don’t like into the formula to try and wedge Christians away from doing it.

Suppose I told you I was going to go to the kitchen and make myself a turkey sandwich, and you dislike that. Would you say I shouldn’t need a turkey sandwich because I have Jesus?

Of course, this does not answer the question of why there would be a benefit. But Proverbs 4:23 does that, since it says to “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” And it makes a lot of sense to me that we would know the particular vulnerabilities of our own and one another’s hearts, and not just all of the sins which a human heart may possess or be possessed by. The Puritans would call this being a student of your own heart.

Yet Kevin DeYoung published a stellar essay titled ‘The Case for Kids’ at First Things Magazine. As he begins, “The most significant thing happening in the world may very well be a thing that is not happening: Men and women are not having children. The biblical logic has been reversed, and the barren womb has said “Enough!””

And this is why we have kids, by the way. But in the meantime, while you wait for my forthcoming books on marriage and children, do read DeYoung’s. It’s great!

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