There seems a kind of tight-rope to walk in promoting my work vigorously without becoming (or even seeming) conceited. How does one go about walking that fight line, though? More

Big Technology and Perilous Dependencies

A listener recently asked the following question: If I’m encouraging people to find other marketplaces besides, why am I publishing and selling my recent book on Amazon? That is an entirely fair question. Here is my answer. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. —…More

Hitting Publish On New Year’s Eve

On the last day of arguably the hardest year for this country in my lifetime, I hit publish on my first book. And This Is Why We Homeschool is up on Kindle, and will soon be available in paperback from Amazon.  Here is where things stand so far, and what my hopes are for the…More

Editing The Manuscript

I have written a book, and the manuscript is complete. Now begins the editing process. By God’s grace, I will finish editing the book and preparing it for publication in the last two weeks of the year. Special thanks to the dozen and a half people who are reading the first draft and giving me…More