Isaiah 3

In the third chapter of Isaiah, we read a number of things which I dare say will never be adequately expressed in Veggie Tales, flannelgraphs, or Illustrated Children’s Bibles.More

Holding Back

The Lord is helping me to realize that curbing my own unnecessary and inappropriate irritation necessitates doing all I can about what is actually my part in all this. More

Popularity Contests

What is regarded as agreed in common changes from day to day. And from one year to the next, popularity ebbs and flows. What then should the Christian make of popularity? More

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend 2021 caps off my first week back after quarantine for my wife’s positive COVID test. And I find myself pensive about nearly a decade in the Oil & Gas industry.More

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

The first step to solving problems is admitting problems. But those unwilling to admit trouble are impervious to calls from problem solvers to participate in troubleshooting.More