The Truth About The Election

We may not – now or ever – know the truth of these allegation of widespread, coordinated, conspiracy to commit voter fraud in the 2020 Election. But we know the mainstream media is lying to us. Lies, deceit, manipulation – these are not new things. People just have more advanced means of perpetrating them. Moral…More

On The Rocks Podcast

On The Rocks podcast with Micah Hershberger is a thing now! I am really excited about this new collaborative work. With weekly episodes discussing current events in light of the Christian worldview and history, I believe listeners will really enjoy and benefit from our analysis and commentary. The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show as a solo…More

How To Spot Fake News

A listener writes asking how to respond when friends and family dismiss the links to stories he shares as “fake news.”  Also, how can a factually accurate story be part of a misinformation campaign as Ben Roose at The New York Times recently alleged?  Perhaps it is time for conservatives, Christians, and especially conservative Christians…More

We Should Fight!

The mainstream media has decided to conspire together in telling us the election is over and that Biden has won the presidency, despite the following legitimate concerns and irregularities, just to name a few: 1. prematurely calling Arizona for Biden despite ample reason to believe sufficient Trump votes would come in from Maricopa county to…More

When The Subject Is Everything

Why do I want to talk about everything? Some have advised me to pick a topic, subject, or issue and make my podcast more focused.  Myopic single-factor analysis gets us into trouble, though. And someone needs to talk about everything so we connect the dots rightly.  This is the information age, and information is great.…More

Edward Bernays and Propaganda

You may have never heard of Edward Bernays, but he had your number. The father of public relations gave us the modern mass marketing campaign as well as making Sigmund Freud – his double uncle – a household name. Maybe, just maybe, the trick to not falling for propaganda, fake news, and deceptive marketing practices…More

My Audiobooks Queue

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, on-purpose and for a reason. At the time of this recording, I am up to 44 titles finished since the beginning of the year.  Tune in to find out what I am listening to and why. Intro/Outro Music: Black Maria by Pistol Jazz — This episode is sponsored by…More