Putting Away All Bitterness and Anger

This most recent Sunday morning my family stayed home from church. We also stayed home from church the Sunday before that. Before you go wondering, let me assure you our reasons for staying home were not anger and bitterness. The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Lauren is pregnant. And with pregnancy at…More


For this week’s Family Movie Night, we watched another Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical – ‘Oklahoma!’ Having built up all my expectations off The Sound of Music and The King and I, this experience was not those. Or at a minimum, Oklahoma! is not The Sound of Music. For some idea of what I mean, check out this page for the 1955…More

Feminism and The Men’s Rights Movement

Dovetailing off recent episodes of this podcast – Episode #116 ‘Why Men Hate Going to Church’ and Episode #130 ‘Reverse Sexism in American Churches’ – I want to talk about the Men’s Rights Movement. Micah Hershberger sent me two videos this week to mull over. Watch for our forthcoming episode of On The Rocks podcast in which we discuss…More

American Truck Simulator

My son Daniel recently talked me into playing American Truck Simulator with him on our computers, and I have to admit that this is a fun little game. Yesterday morning before going to work, I had saved up enough money to buy my first big rig. And as of last night before bed I had…More

Gov. Ron DeSantis vs. Woke, Inc.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should have the R for Republican behind his name changed to a C for Courage. The Daily Wire reported yesterday: ‘DeSantis On NCAA Threat To Pull Events From States That Protect Girl Sports: ‘To Hell’ With Your ‘Events.’ DeSantis, then, has done what South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem lacked the nerve to. Are…More

The King and I

For this weekend’s family movie night, we watched The King and I (1956). Starring Yul Brynner as King Mongkut of Siam and Deborah Kerr as Anna Leonowens, this classic musical was another standby for me growing up.  Lauren and the kids never having seen it before, they now can say they have seen it. And…More

Unidentified Flying Objects

60 Minutes uploaded a video to YouTube on May 16, 2021 titled ‘Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs.’ As of May 30, roughly 7.5 million views have racked up, and there are over 42,000 comments. It seems every time I refresh the home pages for The Blaze, The Epoch Times, and The Daily Wire, there is another…More

Reverse Sexism in American Churches

According to Wikipedia, “reverse sexism” is defined as follows: “Reverse sexism is sexism directed towards men and boys. This form of sexism includes any form of prejudice or discrimination against men and boys. This can include stereotyping that may negatively impact men.” Without knowing there was a term for it, the concept has been on my…More

If China Deliberately Unleashed COVID

What if China did intentionally manipulate and then release COVID-19? Reporting from Ryan Saavedra at The Daily Wire today – Biden Admin: ‘We Haven’t Ruled Out’ Possibility That Pandemic From China Was Deliberately Unleashed. They will surely circle back on that one. Of course the anti-nationalist, anti-national self-interest, political and governing establishment – which resents and utterly…More