We Should Fight!

The mainstream media has decided to conspire together in telling us the election is over and that Biden has won the presidency, despite the following legitimate concerns and irregularities, just to name a few:

1. prematurely calling Arizona for Biden despite ample reason to believe sufficient Trump votes would come in from Maricopa county to give that state to the incumbent

2. freezing the vote counts in all the states Trump would have needed to win 270 electoral college votes on Tuesday night, then suddenly finding huge dumps of only Biden votes in Michigan and Wisconsin and adding those on Wednesday morning

3. barring GOP observers in Michigan and elsewhere from witnessing the counting of ballots

4. passing out sharpies to voters at polling places in Republican heavy counties

5. voting software used in 30 states mysteriously flipping 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes in just one Michigan county, with similar complaints in 47 other Michigan counties

6. dead persons, fake addresses, and backdated mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania and elsewhere

Should we all just meekly accept a quite possibly stolen election before necessary litigation and recounts are complete, or should we fight?

If there is even a remote chance this election is being stolen by the Democrats, I say we should fight, and here’s why.

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