Marriage and Thanksgiving

The day before yesterday was my wife Lauren’s and my 14-year anniversary, and we chose strategically to get married the week of Thanksgiving because we want to remember to have an attitude of gratitude about our marriage.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving 2020, and we had our neighbors over to share a meal and thank God for all we have been provided with.

Some Christians struggle with whether we should be flouting laws prohibiting get-togethers for Thanksgiving. Personally, I think of it like Daniel being entrapped by the edict which said for 30 days, no one could pray to anyone but the king.

Shout out to JP Chavez who has been listening to my podcast and giving me feedback and ideas, both general and specific.

Taking one of JP’s ideas and running with it, we are going to look at five logical fallacies – what they are called, their definitions, and some examples of what they might look like if they crop up in a conversation or debate near you.

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