Why Christians Should Get Political


In Jeremiah 29, we see a mandate to God’s people in Babylonian captivity. They are to:

Build houses and plant gardens

Take wives and have children

Marry off their children to get grandchildren

Seek the welfare of the city to which God has brought them as exiles

In all these things, God is saying he will be honored. 

Practically applied in our circumstance, we should not apologize for seeking our own welfare and that of our family and friends, even when the seeking the welfare of the city, state, and nation we belong to increasingly means we are operating in a space which does not know God or honor him.

In this vein, I have written my forthcoming book, and my hopes are that it helps to further both the welfare of the United States of America more broadly and also the welfare of my family and me.

Intro/Outro Music: Dreaming of Babylon by Animals & Men

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