Loving The Too Easily Offended


1. Thought exercise

You decide you are not going to offend anyone about the masks issue, and then immediately walk into a room with 10 people – 5 wearing masks and 5 not wearing masks.

The 5 wearing masks will be offended if you do not wear a mask; and the 5 not wearing masks will be offended if you do wear a mask.

So what do you do?

2. The sermon at church this past Sunday dealt with Romans 14 in particular. And with regards to the wearing or not wearing of masks, taking or not taking the forthcoming vaccine for COVID, we were encouraged to consider this passage in light of the subject of eating or not eating meat that has been offered to idols.

There have to be limitations to how far and wide we apply the principle of keeping our personal opinion to ourselves and not causing our brother to stumble. So what and where are they?

3. As much as depends on you, strive to live peaceably with all men. But how much does it depend on you and me?

4. How does open, honest, and substantive public discourse work if seemingly everything is offensive?

5. Love is not rude, but love is also not easily offended.

Exhibit A: Cancel Culture

Should we tell people they are being unloving when they are rude and/or easily offended?

6. What do love, wisdom, and unity in the church look like in a post-truth culture?

Intro/Outro Music: 8bitDetective by Bass Assassin

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