The Dungeon Storming

The Dungeon Storming

The Dungeon Storming The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

After a month of playing Valheim with my sons, and friends, and my friend’s sons, we finally acquired scrap iron in the Swamp.

Then Eli built a Viking longship; and Solomon built a grinding wheel; and I built a stonecutter, as well as our first stone building.

Then we got thoroughly demolished by man-sized mosquitos, plus some very zippy gremlin-like creatures, when we visited the Plains biome; thus we concluded we had some more work to do in refining our teamwork.

In other news, my wife and I were recently discussing an article at The Imaginative Conservative, titled In The Beginning Are the Words: Language & Liberty, written by Joseph Pearce. Let me share it with you as well, and let’s talk about how important building an ample vocabulary is or may be.

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