Biological Males and the Chinese Internet

Biological Males and the Chinese Internet The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Laura Ingraham recently hosted a town hall event on Fox News in which she asked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis whether he would sign legislation recently passed in Florida to ban biological males from competing in girls’ sports. Other Republican governors also signaled their enthusiasm for such legislation in their states, NCAA be damned.

Perhaps they learned a lesson from South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s mistake in vetoing the same sort of legislation when her state wanted it. At least we should hope.

But consider the tagline on the featured image for the story about this over at The Daily Wire. Taken from a screenshot of Fox News at 10:53PM ET, underneath Ron DeSantis (R) | Florida Governor we read “How do we reinvigorate the belief in America?”

Might I be so impertinent as to suggest that America was only ever great because America believed in the goodness of God?

Only believing in the goodness of God can restore our confidence in a bright future for our country. And when I say we need to believe in the goodness of God, I do not mean we affirm just how nice he is for giving us so much nice stuff. No, I am talking about our regard for how holy and righteous he is.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party is revealed by The Epoch Times to be trying to take over the internet. If the CCP gets its way, you will not be able to speak a single solitary untoward thing which criticizes or runs counter their ambitions for world domination.

As Pinky might have asked the Brain on the cartoon series I watched growing up, after having dominated the domestic internet scene in China, “What are we going to do tomorrow night?” And just so, the Brain of the CCP might have replied – and still is replying – “Try to take over the world.”

In America, conservative leaders are trying to figure out how to juggle their fiscal and political conservatives who are increasingly godless and secular while at the same time not alienating their theological conservatives who believe God created us male and female in the beginning.

In China, millions and tens of millions of mercenary trolls and strategically placed board members, executives, and investors are going to decide whether you can advertise, buy, sell, trade, or keep in touch with your family if you vote and believe in opposition to their Maoist principles.

And therein lies the rub.

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