Unpacking the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

Unpacking the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

The Colonial Pipeline – a critical piece of American infrastructure – has suffered the most significant cyberattack in our country’s history, and its being taken out of commission leaves the East Coast without a reliable and efficient supply of gasoline for the foreseeable future. Experts say the pipeline should be back online by the end of the week, but in the meantime over 1,000 gas stations have already run out of fuel for Americans who rely on fossil fuels to transport themselves and their goods.

Early intel has traced the source of the hack to a group based on Russia. But we should know better than to blame a private entity for this assault on our critical infrastructure. No private group in Russia of all places is going to carry out an attack on America of this magnitude without at least nominal cover and tacit encouragement from Russia and her allies – especially China and Iran.

The timing of the attack is highly suspect. Just days prior came the release of a report outlining internal dialog within the Chinese government from five years ago which sounds eerily similar to the release of COVID on the world, and the disruption of American and European economies. And the whole affair seems to me like a spy versus spy covert conversation. 

If I were to venture a translation, it would be that this is payback for Western institutions shedding light and hinting at accountability for Communist China’s use of a bioweapon to upset the balance of power in the world, upending American hegemony at home and abroad. Don’t you dare even think of calling China out for its use of a bioweapon, or else things like the cyberattack on the Colonial pipeline will happen to you.

We are all being let in on the open secret that China and Russia and Iran can mess with us anytime they like. And if we want to play tit for tat, real American men, women, and children will pay the price.

The Biden administration and the Democrats more broadly, meanwhile, are reluctant to call a spade a spade because the whole narrative about Republicans and former President Trump unravels in a hurry once China, Russia, and Iran turn out to be more overt threats than Biden wanted to admit. Check out Glenn Beck here for more on that subject.

Ideas, like elections, have consequences. And the foreign policy ideas of the ascendant Democrats are very bad. So also are their attitudes toward critical oil and gas infrastructure like the Colonial pipeline.

Buckle up for a wild ride, because this is no more the end of the story than it is the beginning.

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