Why Men Hate Going to Church

Why Men Hate Going to Church The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

David Murrow’s 2005 book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, was brought up in conversation with my cousin Micah yesterday, and I want to encourage you to read it.

The updated and revised version of it from 2011 can be purchased from Amazon here.

A good YouTube video summary of it can be found from a speaking event Murrow held at a church in Australia, and you can find that video here.

The premise is simple. American churches have a major gender gap. At the time of he first published his book, less than 40% of the adults in churches were men. That means close to two-thirds of churches are made up of women – or at least were 15 years ago.

Why do so many more women than men attend most churches? Because American Christianity has made men feel unwelcome.

Too many churches cater to women and present a feminized gospel with a Christ who is portrayed as embodying feminine virtues to the exclusion of masculine characteristics.

But this, in my view, is evidence that feminism has infected our church culture. The original curse God gave to Eve said that she would have pain in childbirth and that her desire would be to rule over her husband, but he would exercise headship over her.

Proverbs tells us that it is better to dwell on the corner of a rooftop than to live with a quarrelsome woman. This being self-evident, many men unfamiliar with the proverb know it instinctively. And when they feel hen-pecked and unwelcome or excluded or marginalized for being masculine men, they opt out.

But God has a better design – for the family, the church, the city, state, and nation. And blessing will follow as we embrace that design rather than rebelling against it.

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