A Nation of Suicidal Children

A Nation of Suicidal Children The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

One of the things that was prophesied concerning John the Baptist was that in calling Israel to repentance and heralding the arrival of the promised Messiah, he would turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children.

In our day, entirely too much talk of suicidal children is relevant and necessary. But the reason we have so many children thinking of taking their own lives is because we have so many children being raised to not believe their life has intrinsic value and purpose based on it having been created by God.

Where do we come from? Why are we here? And what do we do about the problem of pain, suffering, and death?

An excessive attachment to positivity and happiness excludes meaningful discussion of the problem of evil, and it undermines the sense and conviction that God’s Word gives us satisfying answers to this.

What are my wife and I to tell our son about how to help his friend who just tried to commit suicide? And how can we think rightly again as a people and as a church, and as mothers and fathers?

We have to remind ourselves and one another of what is good and what is true according to God. And we can only know what that is by looking to the Word.

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