Lament and Thrive

Here is my homework for you from this episode:

Listen to Thrive by Newsboys, and read the lyrics. 

Down here in the valley
Every shadow you see
Has its own story
Down here in the valley
Every puddle of mud
Comes from tears and blood
And it’s so hard just to get warm
That the chill turns into despair

Will you lift me up with tender care?
Will you wash me clean in the palm of Your hands?
Will you hold me close so I can thrive?
When you touch me, that’s when I know I’m alive

It sounds an awful lot like large swathes of the Old Testament of our Bibles which we often as not gloss over. But why don’t we sing more songs like this on our popular radio stations, or in our church services on Sunday mornings?

If you’re having trouble imagining, read this satirical article positing a scenario in which K-Love starts playing acapella psalms of lament one day a week.

Also, check out this serious article by Carl R. Trueman, ‘What Can Miserable Christians Sing?’

Not everything in the Christian life is triumphalist joy. And our songs should reflect that fact, and make clear that hurting, broken-hearted people are welcome in our midst.

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