Unidentified Flying Objects

Unidentified Flying Objects The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

60 Minutes uploaded a video to YouTube on May 16, 2021 titled ‘Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs.’ As of May 30, roughly 7.5 million views have racked up, and there are over 42,000 comments.

It seems every time I refresh the home pages for The Blaze, The Epoch Times, and The Daily Wire, there is another story on new disclosures from the U.S. government regarding UFOs.

For instance, I read one this morning from Paul Sacca at The Blaze – ‘Leaked video reportedly shows swarm of UFOs circling US Navy combat ship; Pentagon investigating.’

For another example, consider this piece from Emily Zanotti at The Daily Wire – ‘Head Of Pentagon UFO Office: Government In Possesion of ‘Exotic’ Materials From ‘Mysterious Vehicles’’

The images and footage are eerie. So also are the statements from officials and military servicemembers.

What Are They?

All a UFO means is that something is in our skies that we cannot identify. We don’t know who it belongs to, where it came from, or what it’s doing here. And all we know is that we are reckoning with something which has capabilities which surpass the capabilities of the most advanced technology we know we possess.

Perhaps our own government developed something we just haven’t been told about yet. Or maybe some other nation’s government has. 

But the third possibility is certainly the most exciting, and that possibility is that some other form of life from elsewhere in the universe is visiting us. And it is that third possibility I want most to explore here.

As a Christian, I reserve my fear for the Most High God who created the heavens and earth and everything in them. And if some other form of life besides God and man exists, my Sovereign God knows it fully and made it. And I do not need to fear what that life is capable of because I know it is not capable of anything more than what God permits.

But beyond that general truth, we read vague and passing references in the Scriptures to a created order of beings in between God and man. And though I am content that the Lord has told us enough when we read that they exist and are subordinate to him, it is fair game to speculate about them even as we reserve our obedience, fear, and worship for the Most High.

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