Gov. Ron DeSantis vs. Woke, Inc.

Governor Ron DeSantis vs. Woke, Inc. The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should have the R for Republican behind his name changed to a C for Courage.

The Daily Wire reported yesterday: ‘DeSantis On NCAA Threat To Pull Events From States That Protect Girl Sports: ‘To Hell’ With Your ‘Events.’

DeSantis, then, has done what South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem lacked the nerve to.

Are you taking notes, Republican Party? This is what your constituents want. This is actually an effort at conserving.

But it does take courage to stand up to Woke, Inc. and tell the NCAA and others where the boundary lines are.

As David Horowitz puts it in his 2019 book, ‘Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America’ – “The issue is not the issue. The issue is the revolution.”

But so also, we need to be more than just against the woke mob and its corporate sponsors. We have to know what it is we are conserving and why. If the issue is not really the issue for the Left, what is the revolution?

And if we are the counter-revolutionaries, then whose authority are we insisting on still respecting and obeying? If not ultimately the Lord God Almighty’s, all this moving and counter-moving is for naught.

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