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American Trucking Simulator The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

My son Daniel recently talked me into playing American Truck Simulator with him on our computers, and I have to admit that this is a fun little game.

Yesterday morning before going to work, I had saved up enough money to buy my first big rig. And as of last night before bed I had nearly completed my first run in the new truck – taking a load of large buoys from Colorado Springs to Spokane, Washington.

Where the game goes from here, I think, is that I keep on trucking until I can expand my garage, purchase more trucks and trailers, and hire drivers to work for me.

As the son of a long-time truck driver, I find the premise of the game somewhat amusing for how popular it’s recently become. Who would have thought so many people would find the idea of truck driving so romantic?

But perhaps it is a good thing that we would better appreciate how our raw materials, manufactured goods, and food magically gets to the store and our front door.

Perhaps too this game can serve as a driver safety course when we all who play appreciate better in playing how much longer it takes for a big rig hauling a heavy load to come to a stop, or how much wider a tractor trailer has to swing in order to make turns which for small cars, pickups, and vans are much tighter and simpler.

In sum, if you are looking for something to pass the time and might enjoy a digital tour of the western half of the United States, this is a good little game to turn on some music or an audiobook and pedal down with.

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