And This Is Why We Got Married pt. 1

And This Is Why We Got Married pt. 1 The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Someone recently asked me why anyone should bother with marriage. Isn’t it more trouble than it’s worth, particularly for men in our society?

The courts are biased against them and in favor of women. The churches also in the way they typically emphasize passages pertaining to the responsibility of men in relationship while also de-emphasizing the responsibilities of women.

What feminism has wrought is a generation of men in America who are doing the cost-benefit analysis on taking a wife, settling down and raising a family, and concluding that the potential rewards don’t justify the risk.

But here I am as a homeschooling father of seven with an eighth on the way. Lauren and I are coming up on 15-years of marriage in November. And we have a tall order in front of us – to swim upstream against culture on this issue as well as we endeavor to embrace and believe what God says about us and marriage, parenting, and family.

And as my sons are now becoming teenagers and starting high school, the time has come to earnestly prepare their minds for manhood and, we hope, marriage to lovely young ladies, as well as fathering sons and daughters of their own.

But first, before we can prepare the hearts and minds of our sons, we have to organize and arrange our own thoughts on these matters. What is good? What is true? And how can we make the case clearly so they understand rightly and orient themselves accordingly?

Such questions and related others have me thinking now is as good a time as any to begin working on a series of podcast episodes. #AndThisIsWhyWeGotMarried #AndThisIsWhy

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