Fighter Jets, Nukes, and Regime Change

Fighter Jets, Nukes, and Regime Change The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Back after my vacation last week, capped off with a busy and breathtaking trip to New Mexico for my son Eli’s 13th birthday, I want to talk about comments made by President Joe Biden last week concerning the 2nd Amendment. 

For those unfamiliar, you can listen to his remarks for yourself here.

Needless to say, I remain unconvinced. And vaguely threatening to use F-15’s and nuclear weapons against proponents and advocates of the 2nd Amendment as an anti-tyranny protection is itself a good argument for why we should not allow the 2nd Amendment to be infringed upon.

In other news, a bi-partisan resolution in the U.S. Congress condemns a century of Maoist CCP oppression of the Chinese people. And isn’t it an odd sight to see our lawmakers condemn a century of atrocities committed by communists in China while at the same time listening to ascendant radical Leftism threaten Americans who want to keep and bear arms and remain free?

I definitely think so.

An Encouraging Thought

But let me end off with a word of encouragement. Rights that are God-given can only be opposed by men. They cannot be taken away unless we surrender them. And if my trip to New Mexico with my son Eli underscored anything for me, it is that regimes change, but culture endures.

New Mexico was once Nuevo Mexico. And before it was a part of the United States, it was a province of what is now the United Mexican States. And before Mexico was an independent nation, it belonged to Spain. And before that, it was the ancient land of various tribes of indigenous Puebloan, Apache, and Chacoan peoples. 

My point being that all of those cultures still live in to varying extents today. Regimes come and go. Illegitimate presidents and governments rise and fall. But if we maintain a culture of celebrating, affirming, and defending what is good and true according to God, our heritage and posterity will endure.

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