Regarding Critical Race Theory as Metaphysics

Regarding Critical Race Theory as Metaphysics The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

An article by National Review senior writer Michael Brendan Dougherty titled ‘Critical Race Theory as Metaphysics’ was sent to me yesterday by my cousin, Micah Hershberger. In it, Dougherty makes the tepid statement that “It might be time to admit that education is an induction into a metaphysical and moral worldview.” 

Ya think?

If even National Review is starting to wake its readers up to the truly deplorable condition of American public education, you know its bad. Upper middle-class conservative conservatives trying to maintain their own personal status quo are reluctant to concede that the Progressive programme of American public education has declared war on everything they hold dear. Not even the thin veneer of love for country remains. 

The handwriting on the blackboard could hardly be any clearer if teachers unions were announcing a new education initiative to ‘Eat the Rich.’ As such, we have to do better than saying we maybe, perhaps, possibly, if we feel like it should do something else with our children besides sending them to public schools. 

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