Cuba Rejecting Communism, America Embracing It

Cuba Rejecting Communism, America Embracing It The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Cuba rejecting communism at the same time the United States of America increasingly embraces it is surreal to say the least. Oh, the irony. 

For several generations, Cubans have fled their communist dictatorship off our coast to come to America, yearning to be free. Happily, many of these Cubans have been the most outspoken voices for conserving American ideals in the face of an onslaught in recent years of naked Marxism.

No wonder the Biden administration is drawing an uncharacteristically hard line when it comes to a new wave of Cubans fleeing their government’s brutal crackdown on protest and dissidence. If these refugees could be relied on to vote for Democrats, they would be welcomed with open arms. Make no mistake about that.

But we in America do well to pay close attention to the images coming out of our southern island neighbor now. Do not be naïve, ignorant, or evasive. Take a good, long look. And realize that this is what our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will suffer if we do not find the strength of character and conviction to oppose the present darkness trying to envelope our own homeland.

Respecting Authority

Despite growing efforts to infuse Woke Christianity into the Left-Right debate in America, we need to be Bereans. Search the Scriptures – particularly Romans 13 – more diligently. See that the responsibility is not for us to uncritically validate and affirm every action taken by a supposed authority. 

Yes, we are commanded to submit to governing authorities. But there is a limit to the acquiescence which God requires us to achieve and maintain. And that limit can be found at the point and time where a supposed governing authority flips his mandate on its head. As God’s minister, the governing authority is supposed to reward those who do good and punish those who do evil. When he begins instead to punish those who do good and rewards those who do evil, however, his days are numbered. And rightly so.

God is slow to anger, but his judgment does not sleep and wait forever.

In the meantime, we do well to look to our own affairs. Mind your own business, but understand more fully and completely what actually is your business. There might be more to it than you have been led to believe.

So also, let us strive to be content with whatever is our lot in life, and whatever the Lord ordains for us to endure or overcome. May we love and lead our families well, and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. And may we pray that God would have mercy on us and save us from the godless, covetous enemies of our souls, preserving us forever in his truth, wisdom, mercy, and loving kindness.

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