Just Say No To More Mandates

Just Say No To More Mandates The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Remember those commercials on Saturday mornings when we were kids. The crime dog came on the screen and told us all to stay in school and not do drugs. And what was the simple strategy for how to accomplish this? “Just say ‘No.'” That is what the crime dog taught us. Now here we are.

The ability to “Just say ‘No'” is as important as ever, but we may not recognize it in this form just yet. Mask mandates, vaccine mandates – what’s the big deal? It’s not as bad as a friend or classmate passing us a hit, right?

But these things are a very big deal – for what they represent, and for what will come after them if we acquiesce against our better judgment and interests, and regardless our legitimate health and safety concerns.

For similar reasons to why we said ‘No’ to drugs when we were younger, it is time to just say ‘No’ to mask and vaccine mandates.

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