JD Hall and Discernment Blogs feat. Micah Hershberger

JD Hall and Discernment Blogs feat. Micah Hershberger The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Eastern Montana native and resident of Sidney, Montana – Micah Hershberger joins me on this episode to talk about discernment ministry bloggers in general, and Jordan “J.D.” Hall more specifically.

To what extent should we get into the personal lives of public persons in the Church, politics, and popular culture?

How can we guard ourselves against self-promotion and conceitedness – in ourselves and those we listen to – when it comes to engaging in public discourse and the marketplace of ideas?

Tune in as we strive to separate fact from fiction and distinguish the good from the bad and the ugly in the sphere of apologetics and the world-wide-web of self-proclaimed Christian polemicists.

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