Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

A certain maxim seems not only self-evident, but needful to articulate in our present circumstance: namely, that the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.

But anyone who is unwilling to admit there is trouble is going to be impervious to calls from problem solvers to participate in the troubleshooting process.

In other words, we will not solve problems we refuse to admit we have.

And while this all may seem very obvious and self-evident, the current state of things in the United States of America increasingly beggars belief in the wisdom and decency of the mushy middle folks who refuse to see, hear, or speak anything substantive or meaningful about it.

“It’s just so hard” may be true. But there is more to the story than that, and we do not make things less hard when we are more stubborn than the facts about not acknowledging or reckoning with the facts of the situation.


It will be less hard to know what to do about all these things if we stop trying to play pattycake with the folks on the Left – inside and outside the Church.

In the worst sectors with each passing day, the Leftists in America show themselves to be inept control-freaks believing themselves the ultimate judges and arbiters of truth and justice. In the best sectors, the Leftists in America are reliable enablers, cheerleaders, and defense attorneys for the worst sectors.

With our present bearing and trajectory, the Leftists among us will, if given enough time, erect golden statues of themselves and demand we all bow down and worship, or else. And when the ‘or else’ takes the form of very hot furnaces made for disposing of non-compliant people, we need to know which side of the furnace we stand – whether the inside or the outside.

But if there is a line which has not yet been crossed – like bowing down to a golden image of the king, for instance – which the mushy middle folks will eventually refuse to cross, I contend that it is neither impolite or unloving for us principled types to start asking them to tell us where specifically that line is. 

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