Ron Paul Institute YouTube Channel Accidents

Ron Paul Institute YouTube Channel Accidents The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Thursday, September 30th, it was reported that the Ron Paul Institute YouTube Channel was deleted from the platform. An appeal was made, but quickly rejected. No explanation was given other than “severe or repeated violations of our community guidelines.”

Dr. Ron Paul, elected to Congress a dozen times, candidate for President several times, took to Twitter to ask for help. 

Chris Pandolfo writes for The Blaze a follow-up story – ‘YouTube says Ron Paul Institute’s channel was removed by ‘mistake,’ is now reinstated.’

I for one find it odd how these “mistakes” never happen to those on the political Left in this country. When was the last time you heard that a Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had been deplatformed?

I will tell you. You have never hear of that happening because it does not happen. And these “mistakes” on the part of Big Tech online properties are due to one thing – a keen desire to comprehensively censor political opponents.

And the effect on free and unfettered political discourse is chilling by design.

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