Where Rights and Responsibilities Intersect

Where Rights and Responsibilities Intersect The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

When we find that our freedoms are being challenged and curtailed at every level these days, the cost of objecting comes readily to mind. Too seldom do we consider also the cost of not objecting.

I hear from those who are well-meaning but misguided that to argue for maintaining our God-given rights is conceited or selfish. We all have made an idol out of our freedom and America. And perhaps we were not so well-endowed by our Creator with these things we held inalienable.

But this is not true – at least not necessarily.

In order to fulfill our responsibilities before God, we must retain our rights. Rights and responsibilities are intimately and inseparably codependent. To lose the former, we must find ourselves disarmed to comport with the latter.

Meanwhile, those who would strip us of all our rights are promising pain for any who oppose their totalitarian bend. They are warped, and if you insist on maintaining the straight and narrow, you will hear about it from them. Prepare for life to become indefinitely uncomfortable.

But then depending on our motives and reasons and end-goal, life getting uncomfortable for a time and season may just be the best thing for us. If we can persevere and do what we are responsible to do rather than caving to threats and intimidation, we will find our faith in the Most High tested and clarified on the other end of this.

Even so, in the interim, we must have the right idea about how our rights and responsibilities are related to one another. Otherwise we will avoid pain and suffering and trial by giving freedom away which our obedience to God is inescapably tied to.

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