Joe Biden, John Piper, COVID Vaccines, and Freedom

Joe Biden, John Piper, COVID Vaccines, and Freedom The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. held a townhall with CNN this past week in which he mocked freedom and said as many as one-third of first-responders should be told to stay home or else lose their jobs if they refuse to be fully vaccinated.

In other news, Dr. John Piper wrote and published another winning op-ed in which he defended all our freedom to get vaccinated because we are Christians who love people and don’t need to prove anything to our conservative friends and families.

You need to read the response to Piper by Dr. James White, available here at Not The Bee.

“What Piper has missed, badly, is the role these vaccinations play in a much bigger, much more basic movement into a technologically based, chemically and medically controlled secular totalitarianism. That elephant is intent upon staying, and until we are all intent upon removing him from the living room, he will continue to create soul-destroying havoc for all. Oh that John Piper would stop examining the tip of one of his tusks and help us all with the bigger issue.”

Boom! Roasted. And cue the mic drop.

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