Whether Our Family Does Anything for Halloween

Whether Our Family Does Anything for Halloween The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

As a large and fairly conservative homeschooling family, I get the same question every year about this time. “Do you guys do anything for Halloween?”

In the interest of full disclosure on the front-end, I will say that I do not personally feel strongly about Halloween.

Watching Tim Taylor on Home Improvement growing up, we never have gone that far in observing the holiday, nor dare I say will we ever. But neither are we the stodgy sort who believe this holiday is of the Devil.

My position personally could more rightly be described as not caring much one way or another. I could just as happily carve a pumpkin and watch a suspenseful movie while wearing a costume and eating some candy corn as not do anything whatsoever.

This year, though, while we are on the topic, I am a bit curious to learn more about the history and origins of the holiday. So let’s take a look together at the Wikipedia entry, shall we?

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