Virginia Wins the 2021 Election

Virginia Wins the 2021 Election The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

It looks like the state of Virginia has won the 2021 election with Republicans taking governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general seats.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid says this upset is best explained with accusations of racist white parents. But the reality is that American parents of every ethnos and shade of skin do not care for being told they should butt out when it comes to what their children are being taught in public schools.

What a shock!

Who could have predicted that asking the FBI to investigate as potential domestic terrorists parents angry at their children being molested and raped would have so alienated and offended not only those parents, but all parents?

Who could have foretold that locking down the economy, throwing American men and women, husbands and wives, and fathers and mothers into unemployment and bankruptcy would have backfired?

What else but racism could explain the allergic reaction to tyranny in Virginia?

To answer Joy Reid over at MSNBC, this is not about parents not wanting their children to learn about race. This is about Americans growing weary of being insulted, lied to, and oppressed in every imaginable way by Democrats. And, yes, this is about Americans growing weary of every tyrannical and wrong-headed Democratic scheme being predicated as an alleged crusade against racism.

But by the grace of God, perhaps there is hope yet for this country in embracing our God-given and inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If what happened in Virginia on election night is any hint at what may happen in the coming years, we do well to not grow fatalistic or despair. 

Trust in God. He gives more grace. Sic semper.

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