Aaron Rodgers and State Farm Withstand Cancel Culture

Aaron Rodgers and State Farm Withstand Cancel Culture The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Having spent most of our recent episodes talking about more personal matters, let us turn our attention again to the news. Three stories in particular deserve special attention.

First, from Chris Pandolfo at The Blaze, ‘Pelosi stops mid-speech after Republican laughs at claim ‘Build Back Better’ bill will reduce the debt.’

Second, from Jack Phillips at The Epoch Times, ‘Biden Administration Weighs Shutting Another Pipeline, White House Confirms.’

Third and last, but certainly not least, Not the Bee reports, ‘State Farm stood up for Aaron Rodgers’ right to not get vaxxed and refused to pull their sponsorship with him.’

On this last one in particular, take note of how to stand up to cancel culture.

  • Step one, say what you actually think and believe to be true.
  • Step two, when you daring to communicate an unapproved opinion makes cancel culture angry, don’t apologize to cancel culture.
  • Step three, don’t disassociate yourself from targets of cancel culture just because the outrage mob tells you to.

Don’t negotiate with terrorists, don’t feed the bears in national parks, and don’t give in to cancel culture. It’s as simple as that.

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