Al Gore Wants to Save the Planet From Us, Not For Us

Al Gore Wants to Save the Planet From Us, Not For Us The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

As Daniel Payne at Not the Bee reported yesterday, ‘Al Gore is promising to use satellites and artificial intelligence to I.D. those responsible for producing greenhouse gasses so activists can “hold them responsible.”‘

Let me be as short and clear as I can manage: Al Gore and the folks at the Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland want to save the planet from us, not for us.

And for those who claim the world is at stake and will be irreversibly destroyed unless all wealth and power is put at their disposal, any means at-hand for accomplishing the ends are justified.

What I am not saying is that everyone in Al Gore’s camp necessarily knows their ambitions are megalomaniacal. Yet whether all the climate activists great and small know what is really at the heart of this is beside the point.

When they say they think they are saving the planet, we should take them at their word as far as it goes. But “hold them responsible” is a pretty broad mandate, and it leaves pretty much anything and everything on the table.

And that thought should cause us to take this business very seriously, and not put anything past the Al Gore crowd. However funny the ManBearPig South Park piece was years ago, and however hard it may be for us to get it out of our heads, this is truly an existential threat. And we need to treat it as such.

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