What Responsibility American Christians Have Toward Afghan Refugees

Whether Christians Should Give to Muslim Refugees The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Refugees from Afghanistan have sought asylum in America after the Biden administration summarily surrendered that country and 20-years of coalition investment of blood and treasure to the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS.  These refugees fall into at least three categories, as I see it.


First, some of these asylum seekers are moderate Muslim Afghanis who served as informants and translators for American and allied forces during the War on Terror.

Staying in Afghanistan under the renewed Taliban regime would have meant certain death or slavery for them and their families.

My view is that it is the least our country can do for these folks to welcome them in and give them safe harbor and establish them here in gratitude for the risks they took in aiding our long campaign in their country. Our national honor depends on this.


Second, other asylum seekers are Afghanis who have converted to Christianity.

This category of Afghan refugees would also face certain death or brutal slavery if they stayed in Afghanistan.

There is no question in my mind that the American Church should be the loudest voice in calling for a granting of entrance to Christians from majority Muslim countries for any who come to us asking for entrance – especially Afghanistan, given America’s long involvement in that country, and the brave and tireless work of our missionaries there.


Lastly, some posing as refugees may well be undercover terrorists seeking to infiltrate our country to carry out reprisal attacks against America now that the shoe is on the other foot once again.

God’s Word, in both the Old Testament and New Testament, constantly charges us to be wise and provide for the needs of our own household first – including the need for security and safety. Therefore we should not allow terrorists to come into our country, and there is no Christian duty to the contrary where this principle of self-preservation is concerned.

If and when we identify terrorist infiltrators trying to sneak in among refugees, the kindest thing the government of the United States can do to them is send them back to where they came from as quickly as possible. And so it should.

Marks of the True Christian

All of this being laid out and American Christians in particular trying to decide on the most honorable and godly course of action in light of these factors, what is the responsibility of Christ’s Church in America toward Afghan refugees who have already been brought to America?

Should American Christians feed, clothe, and shelter Afghan refugees even when we do not know whether we are aiding Christians or Muslims, or even potential terrorists?

To guide us in being as clearheaded and circumspect as we can by God’s grace be in answering this question, turn with me to Romans 12:9-21.

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