Biden Asking OPEC and China to Mitigate Rising Energy Costs

Biden Asking OPEC and China to Mitigate Rising Energy Costs The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

The Biden administration needs to reconsider its stance on asking our rivals abroad to come to our rescue where making energy more affordable is concerned. We have a domestic oil and gas industry. It is well-past time to let them do what they do so well. Our national security depends on it.

Why would we ask China and OPEC to bail us out right now?

What possible reason would our economic and geopolitical rivals have for wanting to come to our rescue on this?

It just does not make sense to encourage economic growth in foreign countries by encouraging the growth of their energy sectors when Americans right here have our own oil and gas industry to grow.

We need those high paying jobs. We need that economic opportunity.

If President Biden and the Democrats don’t get their act together on this, they are going to get their clocks cleaned in the midterm elections next year, and they are going to have the floor wiped with them in 2024.

Come on, man. Stop trying to save the planet from American prosperity. We’re not buying your massive wealth redistribution scheme anymore.

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