About that Alleged Media Gag Order in the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

About that Alleged Media Gag Order in the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

The trial of Jeffrey Epstein Madame Ghislaine Maxwell is set to begin today. Rumors circulated online last week that the judge issued a media gag order and was not going to allow members of the press in the courtroom for the trial which is expected to last six weeks. Unlike the recent Kyle Rittenhouse trial, no footage of the proceedings will be made available to the public.

Epstein and Maxwell stand accused of sex trafficking, particularly with regards to underage girls. Or at least they both would stand accused if not for Epstein’s untimely demise. 

Just Like Curtains Don’t Hang Themselves…

I still do not believe Epstein killed himself, by the way. Or if he did, he certainly had the help of wealthy, powerful people for whom his death before trial and testimony was all too convenient.

All the same, according to this piece in Newsweek by Isabel Van Brugen, federal courts as a rule do not allow cameras either for photographs or for video footage, and the judge has issued no general gag order.

From my brief researches, that bit about federal courts in general looks to be true. However, audio recording is typically allowed and released to the public. So we will see what we get on that front.

But the whole business really gets to our collective distrust of the powers that be in our country. After all, have they given us a lot of reasons to trust them as of late? 

Our Justified Distrust

The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict came as a pleasant and relieving surprise for a lot of us here in America who believed all along from watching the footage that the 17-year-old had acted in self-defense on the night of August 25th, 2020. Yet the Left in this country still carrying on as they did all throughout that debacle really is the point here as well.

The mainstream media and Democrat politicians and government officials lied to us repeatedly about Rittenhouse and the riots, and they are still lying to us about all that. So why would we expect them to suddenly turn truth-tellers in the case of Epstein, Maxwell, and the prospect that many of our most powerful, wealthy, and famous folks in this country are engaging underage girls for sex?

Of course we cannot assume we are being told the truth. But we can rest easy in the knowledge that God knows the truth and will see justice served. And if that is all we have to go on, that will be enough. Let us hope and pray there is still some truth and justice in our time as well, though. And let us be sure to be on the side of it before God.

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