Post-Evangelical Pastors Questioning Their Faith Post-Trump

Post-Evangelical Pastors Questioning Their Faith Post-Trump The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

October 22, 2021, Sarah Pulliam Bailey wrote for The Washington Post, ‘In a post-Trump world, these pastors are ditching the evangelical label for something new.’

In her piece, we find a number of contradictions and internal inconsistencies. New communities of faith are forming which are predicated on nothing solid except affirming the LGBTQ+ movement, abortion, and so-called racial justice. Literally everything else is up for grabs.

Conspicuously absent is what God has to say about these matters. Instead, these are the Woke outcasts who love radical doubt and deconstructionism, and they love the trappings of Christianity without the Christianity itself.

Even calling their new movement ‘post-evangelical’ is called into question because referencing evangelicalism in a negative sense is going to trigger people still angry that 8 in 10 evangelical Americans reportedly voted Republican in the 2016 election.

Rated ‘R’ for Republican

To be clear, the concern for me is not with whether we vote Republican. By all means, and increasingly as time goes on, let us call out people with ‘R’ behind their name if they are being unbiblical. But let that be the standard rather than our feelings.

This group in Bailey’s Washington Post piece, however, like worshiping God – whoever the deity is or is not in their minds – in spirit, but not in truth. 

As the Preacher says in Ecclesiastes, there is no new thing under the sun. And that holds true in the case of this new movement which is not so new as it seems. Historically, since the beginning of Church History, there have always been heretics, apostates, and false teachers. 

And that is what we should call these post-evangelicals who elect a Black-Mexican lesbian to be their “spiritual guide.”

Thankfully, by the grace of God, we have a better way. Let Christ be our spiritual guide, and let God’s Word be our test for what is good and true. All other ground is sinking sand.

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