Drew Lynch Suggests Banning Schools to Stop School Shootings

Drew Lynch Suggests Banning Schools to Stop School Shootings The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

I was recently exposed to a funny sketch by Comedian Drew Lynch on how to stop school shootings. His idea is simple and to-the-point: “Ban schools.

Be warned that there is some language, but you can find the full bit here.

The problem is not the guns, and completely eliminating mental illness is not feasible. Instead, as Lynch points out, “You can’t shoot up a place that doesn’t exist!”

Funny though this may be, the laughing and cheering bear closer examination, and good humor always has an element of truth to it. The funniest things are funny either because the off-beat thought had not occurred to us, or else we did not feel free to say aloud what we all were thinking.

The same holds true here. Drew Lynch suggesting we ban schools is actually not a bad idea, at least where public schools are concerned.

American public schools teach our children that they are cosmic accidents. There is no God. We are here by chance. There is no Creator, and there is no Judge. And this means that the purpose and meaning of life is entirely arbitrary.

It is no wonder then that we have so much so-called mental illness. The public education system casts mental illness as a feature rather than a bug of the human condition.

Just so, the problem is not violent video games like Call of Duty. Rather, what games we play – and how, and why – are in large part a product of how the majority of Americans specifically were brought up and educated. 

On that note, ’tis the season to buy my book ‘And This Is Why We Homeschool’ for someone you love and care about who may be thinking of homeschooling.

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