Let’s Go Brandon and Playing with Language

Let's Go Brandon and Playing with Language The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

A few weeks back, I was having a conversation with my friend Jeff and my cousin Micah when the subject of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ came up. And what did we make of this stand-in phrase which euphemistically tells President Biden how so many of us feel about him?

For my part, I told Micah and Jeff that while lots of folks have enthusiastically embraced the slogan, and plenty of other dignified ladies and gentlemen are unequivocally opposed to it, I am inclined to wax more philosophical.

It would be one thing, I reasoned, if when they say this phrase, or wear its t-shirt, or fly that flag, or proudly display this sticker in their window or on the back bumper of their pickup truck the whole business boiled down to trashy people saying how they really feel about Joe Biden.

But that is just it. ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ doesn’t just say something about the President; it says something about our accumulated pent-up frustration with the dishonesty of our established media types in this country.

A Kind of Blue Collar Anthem

As Mike Rowe explained in his podcast from last week, people are tired of being told that what they are seeing and hearing is not what they are seeing and hearing. Put more succinctly, we are all very tired of being lied to twenty-four hours a day. And we should be. 

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ then becomes a kind of stand-in catch-all for being fed-up with the games the Left in this country plays with language. It’s also a kind of anthem for the blue-collar, working class people who get looked down on for not having graduated expensive colleges and universities.

The chick with the advanced degree in women’s studies – which may as well be rebranded ‘the new humanities’ when it turns out anyone and everyone can be a woman now – finds out she must take a job handing us our coffee in the morning.

Meanwhile, the gal who went to trade school to learn about welding is making fat stacks of cash doing skilled labor for NASA and NASCAR.

For more on that last bit, check out this PragerU video from a month ago – ‘Trading Up: Our Case For Trade Schools.’

The point is that hard-working Americans are rightfully sick and tired of being told by the folks with the advanced degrees that it’s raining when a never-ending procession of Lefties line up to pee on our legs.

With such being the case, perhaps ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ can be cut a little slack for turning the newspeak against itself.

This in no way means I endorse the anthem, but it does mean I can appreciate where it’s coming from.

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