Enoch Theophilus Mullet Turns Six Years Old

Enoch Theophilus Mullet Turns Six The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

Our second to youngest son just turned six, and I want to take a little time to talk about how much I love his name, plus the story of how we came up with it. This episode is dedicated, then, to Enoch Theophilus Mullet.


Without the wise intervention of his mother, he might have been named Theophilus Rex, and called T-Rex for short. But Enoch in the Old Testament book of Genesis walked with God, lived to be 365 years, and then God just took him. He didn’t die. God just took him. And that puts Enoch in a very rare category of men who have not died because the good Lord decided to just skip that part.

The name Enoch is Hebrew for ‘dedicated.’


Theophilus meanwhile is found in two New Testament books – the Gospel According to Luke, and also The Acts of the Apostles – both written by Luke the physician. 

Both the Gospel of Luke and Acts are dedicated to, and I quote, “most excellent Theophilus.” And some scholars believe Theophilus may have been the sponsor and financer of Luke’s efforts to travel and collect eyewitness testimony to the events and happenings recorded in his two books.

The name Theophilus is Greek for ‘friend of God.’

Paw Patrol and Duplos

Taken together, then, our son who turns six today gets one name each from the Old and New Testaments, one name each from Hebrew and Greek, and his name translates into ‘dedicated friend of God.’

He is a joy to our family, and fills a very special place in all our hearts. Today we celebrate this ray of sunshine who loves watching Paw Patrol and playing with Duplos and jumping on the trampoline with friends and family, and we thank God for him.

Happy Birthday, Enoch T. Mullet.

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