Crossdressing Communism

Crossdressing Communism The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

We were crazy. People wrote us off. We were imagining things and making it all up. Not everything is communism, Garrett. All the same, it turns out we were right, and the transgender activists are admitting it now.

Not the Bee reports on Kay Gabriel, faculty member at New York University, explaining that the transgender revolution is actually about instituting communism.

Far from frustrated, I find the honesty refreshing.

And this makes intuitive sense. The premise of the LGBTQ movement is diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

But full realization of DEI requires a radical redistribution of wealth and power. It may have started with Pride flags and parades and “marriage equality,” but the bright colors and glitter masked a deeper purpose which many of us stubbornly ignored.

Gender as a Social Deconstruct

Feminism in the 20th century demanded that women be given everything men had. And if there was anything whatsoever which men had which women were told they could not have, this was called cruelty and oppression. But before the things of men could be given to women, they first had to be taken away from men in some measure.

What followed gender being a social construct where feminism was concerned was a demand for equal affirmation of homosexual romance as for heterosexual romance. Here again, what was to be given to homosexuality required first taking something special away from heterosexuality.

Just so in our day, equal affirmation for transgenderism as for binary gender requires taking away special honor and dignity formerly awarded to native, authentic, and inborn expressions of masculinity and femininity.

Now that women’s sports records are being broken with regularity by transgendered men who identify as women, we are seeing that men and women are indeed very different, and also that the ever-evolving moral insanity is content to sacrifice scholarships and trophies for hard-working girls in favor of affirming the new orthodoxy.

Nothing is so sacred to us as our desire for self-preservation against the onslaught of Woke ascendancy.

Take and Give

The plain truth is that you cannot affirm men who identify as women without taking some measure of affirmation away from actual women. And you cannot affirm homosexual couples as equal to heterosexual couples without taking some measure of specialness away from heterosexual couples.

But those more abstract forms of wealth and power redistribution are increasingly giving way to more concrete expressions of communism. As exhibit A, B, and C, I give you fines, boycotts, and the termination of employment and business contracts predicated on dubious charges of “hate speech” for daring to talk some damned sense in this space.

When financial and social penalties and rewards are now contingent on embracing or rejecting a meaningful moral and spiritual distinction between maleness and femaleness, or between heterosexual marriage and gay marriage, or between transgenderism and cisgenderism, we are not far off from naked communism.

And with LGBTQ theory in the ascendant position where the enactment and enforcement of legal and corporate policies are concerned, the mask is being taken off as its usefulness and necessity wears off.

Naked Communism

As with naked communism, the big idea is embracing envy and discontentedness over what our neighbor has instead of thankfulness to God for what He has given us.

We see what our neighbor has and we want that. Or at least we want our neighbor to have nothing special which we do not have and cannot have.

Suppose we don’t feel as masculine or feminine as our neighbor, for instance; if we resent their being celebrated, perhaps we endeavor to abolish gender as a social construct. Or, if possible, we seek to confiscate and redistribute the accolades which formerly went to exceptional specimens of manliness or womanliness.

Kay Gabriel is right. It really does come down to communism in the end. Nothing is sacred. Nothing belongs to anyone. Everything belongs to the community, and community values must eclipse and dominate all private privilege.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

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