To Men Who Think They Benefit from Their Children Being Aborted

To Men Who Think They Benefit from Their Children Being Aborted The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

December 13, 2021 – Kaivan Shroff wrote for WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, ‘Men like me benefit from safe abortion access.’ In his piece, Shroff explains rather candidly that at 28-years-old, he is not yet ready to be a father. But he is happy to keep having sex with women he’s not married to.

Reading between the lines of his commentary, one could surmise that Mr. Schroff is already a father. But if and when he has impregnated women, he has shamelessly hoped they wanted what he wanted – abortion. 

Lamenting the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade, Shroff wonders what might happen if a woman he has sex with were to become pregnant and it wasn’t a good fit. 

But allow me to translate. Schroff has sex with women he has no intention of committing to, and it would be a terrible inconvenience to him if he had to think “longer term” about the way his life choices were going to impact those women and the children which might result from his union with them.

Yet for all this talk of potential, conspicuously absent is any mention of the potential of Schroff’s hypothetically aborted children. And supposing he has encouraged women he impregnated to get abortions, Schroff is already a father and has already experienced fatherhood. And it turns out he wasn’t a particularly good one to put it mildly.

If Schroff did impregnate women he had sex with, then presumably he chose to do with his parental responsibilities what he speculates he might do in the future – deny them entirely, even going so far as supporting the murder of his unborn children so he would not be burdened with having to divest from his ongoing commitment to self-gratification.

Me, Me, Me

Kaivan – a political commentator and alumnus of the ‘Hillary for America Digital Team’ according to WBUR – fills his article with references to himself and his ambitions, desires, and wishes. It’s all ‘I, I, I,’ and ‘me, me, me’ until he comes to the topic of recreational fornication. And then he starts in with the ‘we’ and ‘us’ language.

But when the question turns to an unwanted pregnancy resulting from casual sex with women he is not married to, Shroff is adamant. The woman has the right and responsibility to make a decision as to what she does with her body.

Only, again, abortion is not about what a woman does with her body. Abortion is about what is done to and with the body of the unborn child.

What rights does that child have to not be murdered? And where did all that talk of consent go when we stopped talking about casual sex and started talking about the right to exist?

Oh, that the laws of our land would protect the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the most vulnerable and innocent among us – particularly from serial users and abandoners like this Kaivan Shroff apparently is. Maybe then such men would have to think a little “longer term” about their choices and relationships, and their responsibility to the women and children they discard and dispose of so selfishly.

Seen rightly, all this talk of corporate responsibility is a hollow temper tantrum no nobler or more virtuous than wanting to use others for pleasure without having to offer anything in return. Let it be society’s responsibility just so long as it doesn’t have to be theirs. That’s what the whole program of the Left boils down to, and the abortion debate is no exception as Shroff’s commentary makes clear.

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