Borg Collective Fails to Assimilate Senator Joe Manchin’s Vote

Borg Collective Fails to Assimilate Senator Joe Manchin's Vote The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

“This is a No.” With that short four-word sentence, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has announced he cannot in good conscience vote for President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation. 

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is responding by essentially triple-dog-daring Manchin to forget his scruples and change his mind.

ABC News panelists are audibly aghast. 

How will we endure this “threat to our democracy”?

Imagine the gall of a duly-elected member of the United States Senate reserving the right to vote anything other than ‘Yes.’ Oh, the temerity! Oh, the audacity! Oh, the humanity!

The whole business reminds me of the difference between the Borg collective and the crew of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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