COVID Fear is the Mind Killer

COVID Fear is the Mind Killer The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

As famed science fiction author Frank Herbert wrote in his epic series ‘Dune,’ “Fear is the mind-killer.”

That is to say, fear makes you stupid. More specifically, COVID panic has for two years made a great many of us very stupid.

As always seems to happen, a select few have found their niche playing off the fear of the rest. It is well past time to say ‘enough.’ We need to reclaim our wits. 

But while we are on the subject of reclaiming wits, being overweight greatly increases your risk of serious illness or even death due to COVID. So perhaps it is also time to shelf that whole “all bodies are beautiful” mantra of recent years.

What I am of course not saying is that we should mock or ridicule people for packing on a few extra pounds. That is not helpful to say the least. But at the same time, we do not do overweight folks any favors by defining down good health and aesthetical standards.

Even more so, though, stressing out about COVID needs to go away. Chronic anxiety depletes your immune system.

This truth applies to more than excessive fear of COVID. And we should not allow ourselves to be controlled by fear of would-be tyrants any more than we should allow ourselves to be controlled by fear of a virus, however deadly and dangerous it may or may not be.

As Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:28,

“…Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

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  1. Todd Carr says:

    As long as the government is paying our medical institutions upfront for Covid diagnosis and admissions, we will never know the actual numbers of Covid cases and deaths. Add the media for day to day doses of fear has resulted in a very paranoid, obedient society. This is a time bomb in the making. On the upside, we cured the flu and pneumonia!

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