A Supremely Doubleminded Vaccine Mandate Decision

A Supremely Doubleminded Vaccine Mandate Decision The Garrett Ashley Mullet Show

This week brought both good news and bad news from the Supreme Court. 

The Good News

On the one hand, relief pours over millions of Americans who were concerned about President Biden’s vaccine mandate for the general workforce through OSHA. 

Dubbed a “workaround,” Justices asked this administration’s legal counsel why they needed a workaround. The answer from Biden’s lawyers was uninspired, and a 6-3 majority struck down the overreach of the executive branch of our federal government which had stated all companies employing more than 100 persons would have to require either COVID vaccination or testing twice a week, or else pay $14,000 per violation for non-compliance.

Make no mistake, it is a very good thing that this portion was struck down and called what it is – a dangerous power grab.

The Bad News

On the other hand, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kavanaugh double-mindedly sided with the Progressives to allow the mandate for healthcare workers to proceed undeterred. 

Consider me confused.

From my vantage point, the pandemic must not be so severe anymore if we do not need all these healthcare workers who have as-yet declined vaccination. But if the pandemic is not so severe anymore, why is there such urgency to either vaccinate or terminate these healthcare workers?

Which is it?

Supreme Doublemindedness

Never mind that the European Union this week announced that persons who have received multiple boosters for the COVID vaccine may actually be immunocompromised and therefore more susceptible to COVID. 

And never mind that health care workers would presumably be the best informed decisionmakers for whether they themselves should receive this experimental gene therapy. 

Thanks to Roberts and Kavanaugh, the government has elected to stow the consciences and independent judgment of individual doctors and nurses or else terminate their employment. 

While we may rightly celebrate the OSHA ruling having been struck down – and I do – and be glad that the power to force vaccination on the general public has been stripped from the executive branch who never should have presumed it had that authority to begin with, it is nevertheless deeply concerning that SCOTUS abandoned healthcare workers to the mercy of Biden and his bureaucratic tyranny.

Healthcare Workers Abandoned

Speaking for myself, I should rather not go to doctors and nurses who care more about money than their conscience and better judgment where their own individual health is concerned.

Yet with this decision from the highest court in the land, it would seem we will only have that kind. Only healthcare workers who are willing to shelve their religious objections or practical and personal medical judgment will be allowed to keep their jobs.

Yet it is not the healthcare workers who have held out thus far I am disappointed in or resentful toward. Their situation is a hard one, and it is an evil thing that they are being placed in this impossible position by out-of-control power-mad control freaks.

No, it is our elected leaders who presume that the really important decisions are best made centrally and at the top which I reserve my great displeasure for.

This should not stand, and I hope and pray it does not for all our sakes.

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